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Gravewood High

Gravewood High

A Stealth Horror Game for PC with roguelike elements and level destruction.
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Burn it ALL down!

Arsonist is a frantic first person puzzler where you quickly plan your way through your city while being chased by a trail of fire.


You step into the shoes of a hit-and-run arsonist with a fuel tank on your back that constantly drops gasoline as you walk. A trail of fire follows the gasoline and burns anything in its wake – including you. This means you need to move fast and plan your route through buildings to optimise your pyro-antics and avoid getting flame-grilled yourself!



ARSONIST – a pyromaniac guy who has a burning passion for all things fire related.

As you progress your arsonist activities, you’ll unlock more missions throughout your city. Starting off in the house yard, you move on to the bank building and other locations, meeting interesting puzzles on the way.


NOTICE: Playing requires good perception, strategic planning and recognizing schemes.
NOTICE: Various levels that require not only creative thinking, but also good reflexes and strict interaction with objects are the core elements of gameplay.



The PUB simulator

The PUB Simulator

When you are a middle age single man on a shitty job with all your dreams faded away, there is only one choice.


It is pub simulator game where you can build a pub, make new friends and drunk them to death.


In The PUB Simulator you will find yourself with a couple bucks and desire to open a bar. There is empty basement you can use: buy furniture and drinks, make a sign with cool bar name and welcome your customers.
And what a customers. Bums, night-walkers, working people, hipsters, criminals and even a priest! Everyone need a drink or two (or dozen), everyone has a story to share. Some of them want to abuse you, some want to be abused, and you have cool baseball bat for this.

Anyway! The PUB Simulator is first-person management game, where you need to build a bar, serve customers, collect money and fix any mess which wild drunk people can make.


Key features:
  • Pour a drinks for dozens of customers, each with his or her own story.
  • Bribe officials who want to close your bar, or get them drunk.
  • Host an underground poker game and become a target of armed robbery.
  • Catch the thieves who want to steal your precious coasters.
  • Dance on the bar with your best clients.

We are at early stage of development, so be prepare to see some changes like change of genre, game engine, name or something.

Build your dream bar!



The full release on October 28, 2018!

The music powered beat’em up game.

Welcome to my city.
Can you hear it? Exactly. Absolute silence.
Nowadays sound is illegal. Forbidden, if only you don’t have big money…
We are here to challenge the system.

Key features:
  • Hardcore rhythm beat ’em up game in the cyberpunk style with colorful animation of characters, spectacular FX.
  • Feel the rhythm, collect combo’s to hit massive range attacks.
  • Get ready for intense combat action as you battle with numerous guardians of the total silence on the beat of music using 4 buttons.
  • The direct connection between the music beat and your character’s moving will give a new gaming experience.
  • The game provides several levels of difficulty including a hard mode for high score gainers and the achievers.
  • Play with keyboard, controller or even with USB dance pad.

In the world where the silence is the only anthem, you should break the law to bring back the sound and the music to humanity. Follow the rhythm to defeat the security systems, that keeps any sound from the society.

Fight to the music, fight for the music!








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Star Story: The Horizon Escape

Star Story: The Horizon Escape

The full release on September 5, 2017!

The archaeological research mission faced some unexpected difficulties. Your spaceship crashed. Can you escape from this planet? But how? No one can help you. You are here all alone. Or not? Do you have a plan? Will you find what it takes to be a hero?

Meet Star Story: The Horizon Escape – a turn-based adventure game with text-rpg elements. Tune into the story of the aspiring space-archaeologist Van Klik on his mission to the mysterious planet of Horizon!

Non-linear plot development, 24 alternative endings

Your choices define the story. Totaly. Some will turn out better than others, some will worse and some will be straight up hilarious. You are to find the real true ending among your possible destinies and become a hero. Or maybe something more…

Text-based gameplay diversity

The core classic. Dive into the stories and find a way to exploit EVERY possible situation. Did you know that if you throw a lockpick at an attack droid, it will decide that you are stupid and will deactivate? Build your character, choose your alignments, learn the lore of the world. You will need it all to succeed.

Game mechanics

The story will throw a mix of dialogues, choices, turn-based battles, puzzles, weapon and resource crafting, technology research and more at you. You will use all you can to survive the challenging world of Horizon.

Turn-based philosophy

The player decides on the speed that he wants to play the game at. Everything is turn-based. There is no time-limit for making decisions, no quick-time events, no rush: you can take any amount of time to make your turn.

Beautiful world

Enjoy the wild and crazy sceneries of the world of Horizon. Deserts, jungles, cities, underground caverns… the list goes on.

Colourful characters

Meet the locals! Who is more to your liking? Side with “Bullet King” and uncover an ancient cryptic artifact. Or choose to undermine his brutal regime and make the local revolutionary your friend. Or screw them and go try to play romance with the alien girl? Or blow up the planet? Or… You get it!

Need a break? The Horizon is waiting!

P.S. Space shrimps are included…


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