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We’re EvilCoGames – Indie devs studio

Games are made with Unreal engine, care and love!

Evil Corporation Games is an indie studio, which was founded in 2016.
A small team of creative and game-addictive people from Moscow, Russia.


In April 2017 our first game project – ‘Star Story: The Horizon Escape’ (a text turn-based adventure RPG with 24+ alternative endings) – was released on Steam.

Supported Platforms:
Desktop (Windows PC, MacOS) – available
Nintendo Switch – available


In 2018 we presented rhythm + beat ’em up action game in cyberpunk style – ‘TERRORHYTHM TRRT’.

Supported Platforms:
Desktop (Windows PC, MacOS) – available


The next is ‘The PUB Simulator’ (the early stage of development) – first-person management game where you build a bar, serve customers, collect money and fix any mess which wild drunk people can make.


We are currently working on a new project – ‘ARSONIST’. It is a logic action game about a pyromaniac guy who has a burning passion for all things fire related.


Our aim is simple: by creating the top quality entertainment software, we also hope to become a well-known developer in gaming communities.


EvilCoGames Team,
An indie developer, giving every title the attention to become a joy product!

Our team is looking for:

  • retail and distribution partner
  • mobile publisher
  • press coverage
  • promotion partner


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