The PUB Simulator

When you are a middle age single man on a shitty job with all your dreams faded away, there is only one choice.


It is pub simulator game where you can build a pub, make new friends and drunk them to death.


In The PUB Simulator you will find yourself with a couple bucks and desire to open a bar. There is empty basement you can use: buy furniture and drinks, make a sign with cool bar name and welcome your customers.
And what a customers. Bums, night-walkers, working people, hipsters, criminals and even a priest! Everyone need a drink or two (or dozen), everyone has a story to share. Some of them want to abuse you, some want to be abused, and you have cool baseball bat for this.

Anyway! The PUB Simulator is first-person management game, where you need to build a bar, serve customers, collect money and fix any mess which wild drunk people can make.


Key features:
  • Pour a drinks for dozens of customers, each with his or her own story.
  • Bribe officials who want to close your bar, or get them drunk.
  • Host an underground poker game and become a target of armed robbery.
  • Catch the thieves who want to steal your precious coasters.
  • Dance on the bar with your best clients.

We are at early stage of development, so be prepare to see some changes like change of genre, game engine, name or something.

Build your dream bar!